Portal-Wall™ is an improved window wall system.

Is site logistic friendly, because it weighs less and can be site managed by hand, no cranes or special equipment is required

  • Is a two component system, opaque window wall and opaque spandrel.
  • R values range from R14 to R28
  • Thermal bridging has been substantially reduced
  • Insulated Glass is not required reducing, cost, weight and procurement risks.
  • System has a reduced depth, freeing up useable interior space
  • All field installation occurs from inside the building eliminating the need to access the building from exterior staging, and reduces weather related delays.
  • Our Patent Pending optimized water management system meets the most stringent design pressures, 1 floor
  • to 100 floors, our one design works.
  • Our Patent Pending fastening, with reduced thermal bridging, of all Dry Side Structural Reinforcement provides variable reinforced values, locating reinforcement only where it is needed to resist localized imposed loads.

Broad aesthetic options for fascia material including, glass, metal, architectural clays and cement materials, terra cotta and wood siding.

  • Energy Code Compliance both Prescriptive and Building Energy Model, across all North American Climate Zones
  • System works well with PASSIVE-HOUSE, HERS and other recognized preferred standards
  • Components for spandrel assembly and its fastening tracks are warehoused for quick assembly, reducing certain risks.

Seismic, Wind Pressure Cycling and Thermal Changes

We use an architectural fascia such as glass combined with a light weight monolithic rigid Insulated panel. The result is an assembly without aluminum framing, resulting in a lighter assembly.

  • Window wall is less likely to be compromised by seismic events, wind pressure and thermal changes.

Portal-Wall™ uniquely addresses the risk of condensation in often overlooked stagnant air pockets created by perimeter interior sheetrock walls built parallel and adjacent to the exterior building envelope. These areas are outside the MEP boundary areas, and must be addressed by providing an improved window wall.
Portal-Wall™ provides a framed portal for many types of vision windows provided by plentiful manufacturers.